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Lip Shea Scrub

Lip Shea Scrub

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Our lip scrubs are perfect for removing dead skin and leaving your lips soft and nourished.

  • Vegan and Cruelty Free

  • Gentle formula

  • 2oz of product

  • Instructions: Take a pea sized amount of product and exfoliate in circles until dead skin is removed. For extra exfoliation use a clean toothbrush and use that to further exfoliate the product into lips and wipe off excess. 

  • While edible please do not use as a meal substitute.


Uraraka: Strawberry Shortcake

All might: Lemon

Bungee gum: Fruity pebbles

Sugar Rush: Bubbblegum

Mitsuri: Watermelon

Pink Drink: acai, strawberry, coconut.

Glass slipper: Vanilla Bean

Dragon Drink: Mango Dragonfruit lemonade

Minions: Banana

Aurora: Raspberry

Bakugo: Mango 

Inosuke: Toasted marshmallow

Lux: Pineapple

Scarlet: Pomegranate 

Zenitsu: Orange


Ingredients: Shea butter, Organic Sugar, Grapeseed Oil, jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Mica, Flavoring Oil


glass slipper ingredients: 

Shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, candeilla wax, tapioca starch, mica, flavoring titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silica, ultramarine blue, chromium green oxide, blue #1

May contain: coconutoil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Tastes just like lemon candy!!! Leaves my lips feeling smooth and tasty!!!

Love these!

These lips scrubs are great if you’re looking for something that’s more gentle and leaves your lips feeling moisturized after use. So far my favorite one that I have is Pink Drink and I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future!

Feels great

This really has helped me a lot, I got the pink drink one in a mystery box and it feels so nice on my lips. I loved the little strawberry charms too. It was a lifesaver when I got sick and hardly wore chapstick. One go with this and my lips were as smooth as ever again!

Arrien Hansel

I love the lip scrubs. I think I’ve bought each one there is they are so amazing. Perfect for a gentle exfoliation!


My lips have been really chapped and flaky lately since I’m on a high dose of Accutane so I thought I would try this out to see if it helped get rid of the dead skin and it really did! It even left my lips with a layer of moisture. I had to follow up with a medical grade moisturizer, but the butter was a nice foundation. My lips were left feeling very soft and silky.