Convention Portfolio

All products sold by TheFloatinglanternco are handmade.

Our whole making process can be seen on our tiktok.

For sanitary reasons, we will have samples for people to smell and try the products with provided one time use spoons.

Body Butters

Kyo Body Butter

Scented in patchoulli, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, ginger and coconut

Mystic Arts Body Butter

Scented in Vanilla chai

Jinx Body Butter

Scented in a blend of peach, blackberries, orange, rose and musk!

Bungee Gum Body Butter, Body Oil and Body Scrub

Inspired by Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter. This character line is scented in fruity pebbles. A sweet blend of Caramel, Bergamont, cotton candy and sweet vanilla.

Inosuke Shimmer Body Gel

Anya Body Oil

Scented in a blend of candied lemon and strawberry, sugar, with bottom notes of lime and vanilla

Lip Scrubs

Convention Setup

PuchiCon Camelback

Puchi Con Teaneck

Galaxycon Columbus